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Experiencing the power of Microsoft Teams for Voice has never been easier or more affordable. With TeamsTel’s Hosted SBC Service we can provide dial tone into Microsoft Teams in as little as an hour, with no new capital expenditure, and with the assurance of 24/7 support.

Rapid Voice Services for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a robust unified communication and collaboration platform that provides its users the flexibility of working onsite or remote and from multiple devices.  Work from Home initiatives have been a part of many companies’ roadmap strategies for several years now, with priority escalating recently in light of the COVID-19 events.


Rapid Deployment phases for Work from Home Initiatives using Microsoft Teams

Phase 1: Reactive

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies have been forced to quickly migrate a massive number of staff to a “work from home”  scenario.

  • Presence, Instant Messaging, Chat, Collaboration

Phase 2: Proactive

Embracing and enhancing the work from home experience to regain user productivity through Microsoft Teams. 

  • Voice Calling and Conferencing capabilities for users
  • Governance and Security
  • Adoption and Change Management

Phase 3: Permanence

Finalizing the setup of Microsoft Teams as a flexible and robust production environment for remote and onsite work scenarios.

  • Phone System Auto Attendants and Queues
  • Conference Room integrations
  • Phone System Integrations
  • Administrative Training
  • Monitoring and Managed Services
Let TeamsTel and our Microsoft Partners assist you as you navigate these phases.

As you progress to Phase 2 and 3 TeamsTel can work with your existing telephony carrier to rapidly migrate your voice services to Microsoft Teams. 

  • No Capital Costs
  • No on-premises hardware
  • No changes to your carrier contracts
  • No porting of DIDs
  • No Day 2 Support costs
  • No waiting: TeamsTel can onboard your services in as quickly as an hour

Our service is a

Hosted SBC (Session Border Controller) for Microsoft Teams

We make the process of direct routing easy for our clients by taking the complexity of the on premise SBC and managing it for you.

Our clients are

Microsoft Partners

We can enhance your Microsoft Teams voice projects with a robust, Microsoft hosted SBC service that reduces both your project timelines and customer capital expenditure costs.

Customer Direct

We can work directly with a customer to utilize their existing telephony and ISP providers in order to maximize their investment as well as productivity.

Telephone Providers

We can provide a managed service that can be offered as a solution to all existing telephony customers who are using Microsoft Teams.

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